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Paul Richardson / Audio Lessons - click on picture to link to lessons!
Pull up a chair, open your Bible, and study along with us individually, with a small group or even with your church congregation. Use these messages to "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ". Lessons are added weekly so come back often to the bountiful feast of God's Word.

Paul began these lessons in sequence, progressing through the New Testament. We would recommend that those new to this site begin at the beginning of the audio lessons and listen sequentially. Of course the lessons are yours to enjoy; however, if you skip around you may miss the building blocks that has been intentionally presented week by week.

May God bless you as you seek Him! 

Paul Richardson's Oral commentary current lessons now on MP3

Click on picture below to link to lessons:

Oral Biblical commentaries by Paul D. Richardson are now available for $25.00 (the cost of a 32GB flash drive and shipping and handling)
Please go to "Supporters" page for contact information. You will receive over 1200 lessons.

The flash drive will include all oral commentary from 2011-2016 covering the following Biblical studies: 

Getting to Know the Enemy      Providence         Galatians                   What does Scripture say?
Biblical Word Study                   Matthew             Ephesians                 Truth in Scriputre
Abundant Life                            Angels               Phillipians                  Faith and Grace
Biblical Truths                           Prophecy           1&2 Thessalonians     1&2 Peter
Christian Lifestyle                     Acts                    Colossians                 James
"Man's List"                               Romans             Shepards/Elders         John
Scoffers                                     The Church        1&2 Corinthians          1,2&3 John
1&2 Timothy